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Wig maintainence and wash tips
1-Try to reduce the frequency of cleaning wig, it is best to wear after 6 times then wash it. However, if it has already appeared to be oiled, it is best to reduce the times of cleaning wigs.

2-Make the tangled hair into straight before cleaning,use your tip of fingure to straight the hair or use combs.

3-Pour some warm water with shampoos into a washbasin,let the wig soaked in the water at least 5 minutes.after that,squeeze the water gently,at last,wash the wig with clean water.

4-Reput the wig into the washbasin,pour some shampoo on hand,rub the wig gently with your hand,wash the wig with clean warm water finally.

5-Put little conditioner on hand, in accordance with the instructions, not too much, and then wash your hair as rubbing, and then dry for 5 minutes, the final rinse with water.

6-Wipe the wig with towel,next put the wig on a wig stand and wait until the wig is dry.Or you can use the hair dryer to dry, use a low heat.

7-The last step, gently comb the dry wig after drying. And then you can freely use the curling circle or curly hair bar or straight hair machine modeling, and then use a wig spray or a small stereotypes to make a style you want.

hair weaves buy care tipsProtective styles are very popular now and it’s no longer taboo. As more and more women are opting for sew-ins, there’s more of a need to be educated on how to take care of them. A lot of times, different hair rules may apply when it comes to keeping your weave intact. Check out some great tips on how to take care of your extensions and the hair underneath.

Picking Your Extensions
It all starts with the hair selection. If you’re an extensions newbie, you might want to go for a texture that mimics your own hair. It will make your life so much easier the first go-round. Also, do you want extensions that last two weeks or six weeks? Make sure you pick great quality hair that can give you the results you’re looking for. It is an investment, after all.

Combing & Detangling
It’s all in the technique. Don’t rip your comb through your weave! Remember that the tracks are sewn onto your hair. The more you pull and yank through the extensions, the more you can damage your hair. You don’t want your hair to fall out from tugging on the extensions. As you would with your own hair, always detangle from the bottom up and preferably while wet. Weaves can get tangled badly.

Washing Your Extensions and Your Hair
You can’t wash your hair like you normally do. But make sure you wash your hair underneath too. Using a bottle with a nozzle attachment really helps. Add your favorite sulfate-free shampoo and mix with water. You can get the shampoo mix into all the different crevices and in-between your braids. After that, take your fingertips and lightly massage your scalp in between the braids. Rinse and repeat at least twice.

Drying Your Hair
If you take anything from this, make sure you dry your hair completely when wearing a weave after cleansing it. When you wash your hair and your braids get wet underneath, if you don’t let your hair dry completely, your hair will smell like mildew. Sitting under a dryer and letting your hair completely dry will combat that horrid smell (and potentially mold).

To Scratch or Not to Scratch?
Don’t scratch with your fingernails, the end of a rat-toothed comb, or anything else that will irritate your scalp more. Your scalp can get scabs. Since you generally don’t wash your hair as much while wearing extensions, you may find that your scalp itches more than usual. You can use items such as the Scalp Soother for quick relief. It doesn’t disrupt the braids and it literally soothes your scalp. Also, you can use that same bottle with the nozzle attachment and use oils such as tea tree oil, which is great for itchy scalp. Whatever you do, just don’t scratch until you get scabs. You will be disappointed at yourself when you take your hair out.

Invest in your hair
When I say invest in your hair, I mean purchase hair you can re-use time and time again. This means good quality human hair. It might seem like a lot at purchase, but I have done the math and compared between a one time payment of high quality hair that will last me 6 - 8 months of reusing depending on how I treat it--to rebuying hair every time I get my weave done (which is often for me). I found it's much smarter for gals on a budget to invest in our hair purchases.

How to quickly style take care of hair

 Especially for a very busy time metaphor to go to school or go to work in the shortest possible time, two or three minutes to get the hair, the hair comb can go out, and will not give too dirty look , Do not need to get too complicated too time, so how to get hair?

How to quickly style take care of hair

Tools / materials:

Hair hair band card and so on

1 first recommended Mawei, this is really simple, and do not need to spend time, as long as a strong rubber band, you can easily tie up the bar a little more vibrant, bar a little lower mature, suitable for people of any age Oh.

How to quickly style take care of hair


2 ball head, although this is a long time ago began to have some hair, but Xiaobian think now is also good, simple, but for girls with little hair, hair too much, into a ball in the head, feeling a bit heavy Oh .

How to quickly style take care of hair

3 direct shawl hair, if their hair is better, it will not be rough, then directly on the shawl it, provided that the shawl hair does not need too long, the best done before straightening some sort of treatment Oh.

How to quickly style take care of hair


4 there is the card ah, to prepare a plain bow, or with a lace or cloth or ornaments, the forehead hair gently pick up a small part of the card together, it is beautiful Oh.

How to quickly style take care of hair


5 In addition, hair bands are also good. The advantage of this way is, do not have to worry about bangs eyes blocking the line of sight, his feeling will be more fresh and simple look.

How to quickly style take care of hair


6 can also be a simple series of twisted braid, in fact, easy to use the braid is also easy to operate. Almost two minutes to make a good braid Oh. Haha, unless the hands and feet stupid.

How to quickly style take care of hair


7 for short hair for girls, you can also cut the ear directly below the location, very stylish and full of personality and vitality. Prepare some gel water stereotypes look just fine.

How to quickly style take care of hair

Feb 11, 2017 11:40:03 AM By Changyu Li curly weave, weave, wig, lace wig, lace closure, Comments Make-up & beauty,

6 Tips to Extend Your Hair Lifetime

1. Shampoo by Shun by rubbing: shampoo, we must first shampoo in the palm of your hand to rub the foam, and then evenly coated in the hair, gently stroked from top to bottom wash. Do not bend over to wash your hair.

2. Hair also use hair conditioner: because the next is the real hair, with the right amount of hair conditioner will make hair more smooth, not easy to knot.

3. First with a dry towel to dry water, and then divided into two grooming: only a dry towel gently wrapped, press the wet hair. Best to prepare a large tooth combs, do not comb the end, it is best to use the other hand with the interface to seize.

4. Hair along the flow of hair, try to keep constant temperature: If you receive a large volume after the hot, you can add the wind in the tuft holding the end of drying. Straight hair, then to control the amount of wind, oblique angle along the hair flow blowing.

5. Wigs need regular care: professional wig shop bought wig, you can regularly send back to use a professional cleaning agent to clean. If it is generally bought in a small shop, you can use moisture-type shampoo. First hair piece soaked in cold water for a few minutes, re-change the water after the drop 2 drops of shampoo, stir well after the bubble like, and finally placed in the ventilation of the natural dry.

6. Hand side of the regular hair spray: one of the uncomfortable hair is not combing hair, especially by the wind after the chaos, the more urgent the more comb not ring true, get mad is very easy to crazy. Shun hair spray in hand is much more convenient, with your fingers to clear.

Feb 11, 2017 10:57:01 AM By Changyu Li hair care, cleaning hair, hair care steps, Comments All about hair weaves,

Kinky curly blonde color human hair weaves 1 bundle Hello everyone,today I share this tip(How to  straightening curly hair weaves) to help girls who  wanna change their curly weaves in to straight hair  easily within 10 mins.

 To straightening curly hair weave you will need either  a straightening comb and/or a flat iron. First, of  course, wash the weave hair and condition. Blow dry  the hair weave as straight as possible without  disturbing the weft. If you have a dome hair dryer,  dry your roots by sitting under that.

 Once your hair is completely dry (make certain it is  completely dry, because if you don't your hair will appear "puffy"), apply a small amount of a very light  hair maintenance product. Then begin using your  straightening comb and/or flat iron to straighten the  curly hair weave.

Virgin hair weaves are especially in demand to women who love changing their hair styles from time to time. These are the short-haired women’s go-to method for sporting instantly long, luscious locks. In addition to the styling benefits, weaves also serve well as protection to natural hair against harsh dyeing chemicals and damaging heat styling. As such, these have become a widely popular option throughout the country, donned by celebrities and ordinary people alike.

remy indian hair weaves


Lot of women love  Indian Hair Weaves for its ability to blend well with their natural hair. It has a natural, healthy low luster, very different from the obviously artificial sheen of synthetic hair. Since it’s made of human hair, weave can be washed, conditioned and styled just like the natural hair. Additionally, virgin quality weaves, such as those offered by Virgin Hair Fixx, are much more durable; this is due mainly to their retained cuticles, layers of overlapping cells that protect and give the hair shaft its glow.

However, even high-quality  Brazilian Hair Weaves cannot be maximized if it’s not properly fitted to the natural hair. Many women complain that their hair is pulled too tight during hair weave application, which can be very painful. Expert stylists advise women to have their weaves loosened up or even removed once they feel any discomfort as this can lead to traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia is an inflammatory condition that occurs when the hair is pulled tightly away from the scalp. The body senses this as an attack, sends inflammatory cells to the area affected and then tries to heal it through scarring. The scars prevent new hair growth and balding occurs as a result.

With professional application, weaves are perfectly safe to wear. Nevertheless, the natural hair still deserves a break. Weaves should only be worn for a couple of weeks, and the scalp should be left alone for another couple of weeks before refitting the weaves so that the hair can rest in its natural state. Overdoing weaves or wearing them over longer durations than the recommended periods can easily damage natural hair.

Weaves afford women their much-wanted styling versatility. At the same time, weaves help natural hair grow out healthily by shielding it from all the rigors of styling. With proper care, a woman can enjoy her lush new locks once the weaves are removed.




8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing


8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 1

1, straight hair add curls!

Roll your straight hair into a loop, wrap it in foil, and then gently press it with a straight clip. This will help the hair after the cooling or curly look, so a day to maintain the natural state of the hair.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 2

2, change hairstyle with hairpin seconds!

From the right to pick out a strand of hair with a hairpin folder in the back of the head, and then pick out a strand of hair from the left, wrapped in just the hair, the same fixed with a hairpin. Repeat on both sides of the above steps, each side of the 3-4 turn can be finished after the turn, as shown in Figure, a scattered hair is complete!

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 3

3, Use a hair band to do hair!

Comb straight hair, the hair band has been set in the hair on the volume, and finally directly to the hoop can be made.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 4

4, Use eye shadow to show a heavy hair density

Choose and hair color similar to the eye shadow, with a brush sweep in the clear head of the road, which makes your hair look more lush.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 5

5, DIY hair spray!

Sea salt factor can be thick and soft hair, so that hair becomes rich fluffy. Mix about 500g of soda and a teaspoon of sea salt in a spray bottle, spray on the hair, more abundant hair for your better shape.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 6

6, toothbrush get small broken hair!

The hair is not perfect on the small broken hair to the toothbrush, squeezed on the essence of milk or hair styling a little, with the bristles stroked a small broken hair, the formation of the perfect shape you deserve.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 7

7, with hairpin support ponytail!

You tie the ponytail, the figure insert two to three hairpin in the periphery, and then put down the braids, turned over and saw the braids straight Tingduo not sag.

 8 Simple Hair Styling Methods for hairdressing 8

8, long curly hair also has vitality!

You can curl up all your hair in the hair, and then spray spray stereotypes in the tail, and then put down your hair, the overall shape will be "stays" up, more texture.

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