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How to choose hair length?

How to Choose Length

Hair weaves are an ideal option for anyone who wants to lengthen their hair, whether due to a haircut gone away or just to try something new. No matter what your reason for getting weaves is, it's important to choose the right length. Here are some things to consider when deciding on hair weaves lengths.

Wavy/ Curly vs. Straight Hair Weaves

Before you decide on a length, be sure to consider whether you want wavy/curly or straight hair weaves. Wavy/curly weaves tend to look slightly shorter than straight extensions due to the texture of the hair. If you are planning to opt for Wavy/curly weaves, you may want to go one size longer than you would if you're planning to buy straight weaves. Also, keep in mind that wavy/curly hair weaves tend to feel heavier than straight weaves when you wear them.


Comfort is another factor to consider when trying to decide on a length that is right for your hair weaves. If you are used to having short hair, it may be difficult for you to adjust to a really long length. Hair weaves that are no longer than 18" are generally suitable for those with short hair. On the other hand, you may feel comfortable wearing longer hair weaves if you have medium to long hair.